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E. Troland) revealed an atresia (congenital) of the fora-

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the fetus dies in utero, it is retained for weeks or

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the individuals in the test group had a significantly

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thalmologic Conditions, J. Am. Med. Assoc, 142:1271-

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Diuretics and Routes of Administration, Comparison of Mercurial 3'8

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Carolinas and X'irginia's Fifty-first .Annual Meeting, helrJ

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pital is also one of the duties of the business ad-

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springs, one bottle-cap, and many pieces of wire. At lapa-

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in 1925 but these last year amounted to $432,563.96. The

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use peritonitis. In another instance, a patient under

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of simple oral hygiene procedures dental caries ac-

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removed. It eliminates the complications of sinusitis and

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ists, and radiologists in his area on all routine chest films

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plaints of fever, generalized hyper-irritability and

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quantities to be used in all cases of sickness, and

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ophy of Osteopathy that the operator needs ; there-

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Hkadaches — There are many instances in which treat-

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The non-infected laceration usuallv needs no treat-

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.After his discharge from the service. Dr. Baxley studied

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ence of infection the utilization of iron is impaired.

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I. .\r. r. Snsman. Bo.ston, in Ntw Eng. Jl. of Med., June Isl.

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lor diwaso of the mitral ralrc, and in hypcrtropliyof the right sitic of the

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tion as well as locally when the condition warrant-

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of catarrhal, crouj>ous, and (he diphtheritic processes, we find uloen

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qualified to pilot that institution to success. Many