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per day. Four of these patients report greater freedom of
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veins, nerves, and arteries — preparatory to form-
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.Attention is drawTi to the continuing high mortality in
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large scale is probably justified prophylaxis against
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first sponge is inserted beyond the site of the bleeding,
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Butter — Another Invention — Studying the Drive-Wheels
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Dr. Barron was born in York County, South Carolina,
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Results of The First United States Manned Orbital Spaceflight . NASA, 1962.
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confirm our dingncwix. It is not neoeHSaiy to cxan^ne (Jl patients who
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in the next 48 hours, and 10.000 units per day were
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greatest single aid in stimulating the human organ-
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the husband is Rh-positive. It is among these couples that
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lo a su.spicion of multiple pregnancy, the antenatal period
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leecbes are contraindicated. It ia uiost daogvroia to exiiaust tho
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organisms. The skin lesions of syphilis are familiar
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much sodium citrate solution as is necessary to fill
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munity; the family doctor is the man behind the gun,
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Digestive Disturbances as seen by the General Practitioner T. G. Miller 313
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general heading are being reclassified under avita-
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"t%ht« awl tiglitcr." "It is stmngUng mc" "I can't rtawl it!»'
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produce spasm of the bronc-hi by irritation of the trunk of Ihu va-
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the fractures at the distal end of the radius to an-
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— Fighting Joe Shelby — Osteopathy in Danger — Burying
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hospital days his temperature varied between 100 and 104°,
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Helf tu Marionbad, Karlsbad, or Kissengvo. In such cases, but only in
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n»l adrantaf^ over that of milk, is, at least, doubtful The " weU-pii^
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ably full history, it seems to me that the most com-
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ceedings of the Sky lab Life Sciences Symposium. NASA TM X-5 8154,
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marked antero-lateral swelling over the lower tibio-
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patient's progress is satisfactory, a distressing anJ
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3ases. As yet we have no effective method of treat-
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prevent life-long illness, even eventual organic dis-
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of prcnohcn^ Rogers, btrct«mto smokers, and iramodcnite <lriiik<!ra of
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erans, it was not hard to pick it out in non-veter-
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tionally spa.stic pylorus and as a preparation for surgical
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several ways. .\ very satisfactory procedure is to inject up
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cytes. Subsequent events left little doubt that the two pre-
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single puffy swelling is to be found, which projects uiwaid, aud mon or
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letvr abntm; |1m> gennvl condition appears almost undislurlwd ; iiikI
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sentation of a symposium on congenital heart disease at
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requiring resuturing occurred in the entire .series.
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■ glnni] ocinns, which he is inclined to regard a* railiarj- tuberelea.
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Bt cniph\'»cina of tlic lung is meant cither a niorlnd cnl