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not difficult, operation should be delayed, but con-
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is not alarming, while in others, the picture micro-
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cent of all ca.ses of massive upper gastrointestinal
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of local or general disturbance of blood — that to excite the
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hearing moderately. Peicustinn ader cstrc^mu expiration show*
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people small stars, and but one at a time, till they
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C. Relfenstein, Jr., William W. Scott, George Van S.
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Presented to the Tri-State Medical Association of the
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more laboratories. If they agree on the reaction, the report
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West Germany, May 23 - June 5, 1973. Akademie-Verlag, Berlin,
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average June marriages is 23 per cent above the daily
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University School of Medicine and Duke Hospital July 3rd-
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tive or not, and again if nausea returns. When no other
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This is the complete report of their findings and is
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Black Death. Note= and Comments on the, Vanti Chi-Shih 291
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County's "Country Doctor of the Year 1949," by the Gas-
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exceptional instance in which a longer and useful survival
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malaria, etc. A differential white cell count will rule
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matic Effect on the Lungs — Diet — Consternation — Why
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greater the preauuv upon tlic gas which we respire, so much the OMirv
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i.i.i. J. Nechtow, M.D.. .Assistant Clinical Professor of
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case, make everybody feel better, and result in bet-
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fpula cruda bewine ^xtita eneta. Hcrre, too, lli<! altered seeretion nffonU
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lege of Virginia, in the latter institution. In the Medical