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M ooourring iu tho mucous membrane of the hryiuc seldom a|>))CBn
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dnal accretion, on obstacle to the poeasge of air arise in tho bhuUct
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ehiidroi who litov a tendency lo this milady, before we prooeed to thr
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Nerve Pathways, Physical Treatment of Backache, Brain Tumor — 406.
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atory acidosis, .\dministration of high concentrations of
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of this stain. A stain appearing above this level is
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1. G. K. Mallory et al., Bost.m. in .\cw Eh<i. JI. of Med., Oct.
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Henry J. Langston, M.D Danville, Va. -pj^^j ^^^^ j^ ^^ ^^^ ^jj^ overestimates himself;
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Parker on the North CaroUna State Board of Medical E.x-
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Without moi'big the voeal dionLt, that is to soy, in a wliispor) ok often
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first, the most congenial companionship of all medical societies — the high and the
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diseases, lias a typical counc, in whieh j>aroxyMmif altenato
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children is acute laryngeo-tracheo-bronchitis attack-
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mure energetic coutnu:tiou, jiLtt its tii«y cause dto pulse to rise and tlie
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of the drug is that it does not irritate the gastro-
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ness, extreme sensitivity to the environment and to
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antibiotics or chemicals. Aureomycin has been tried
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bom other inoomplete eciencee, and that it must be coodocted
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change of abode am perfaajs to be accounted fur by iIm escin))tion fiotn
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keeping in mind the larger the gland the easier the
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is desirable. Unless the sulfonamides or antibiotics
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The late Mr. \'alentine. president for 51 years of the
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pair of obstetrical injuries to the soft parts of the
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Count)', Va., died at his home in Franktown February
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sprains and reduced dislocations of the fingers, and has
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nervous, apprehensive, and irritable, or delirious,
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Wendell Holmes, by Eleanor M. Tllton. Henry Schuman,
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soems to be at this time practical therapeutic pos-
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Life Sciences and Space Research VIII. Proceedings of the 12th
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March 6th were: typhoid "O" 1:160, typhoid "H" 1:320,
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bitis in left arm and forearm which was swollen and was
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tiTtaincd by the Carteret County Medical Society at the
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cause constriction or impairment of circulation. Fre-
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The Cartaret County Medicai, SocrETY held its regular
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blood pressure, the greater the danger of complica-
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the expiration of the three-year period. Longfellow
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overloolfcd in the cadaver. On the other baud, the numunjus obeen-A-
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slack is taken up by the laces. When this no longer suffices
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In desperation, in May, 1949, a mother, 29, was ad-
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Hospital, Chicago, were tied for third prize and were
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father who did general practice for 50 years, and having
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Microbial response to space environment, Part B. Apollo 16 Pre-
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duties of life, with their engines and batteries of
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the husband is Rh-positive. It is among these couples that
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esses. This left on at least six weeks. In any event,
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lacbod from the mucous mtrfnof witli cmc ; tbc tougher and more co
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HlliBa {Rtt, X — xas every 15— SO minutes). Hot have I olaerred
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cosa were the only physical finding, and routine laboratory
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features of sickness-care insurance. Read carefully
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cerning medication, it is of little value to tell how
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This type of consultation is usually not very satis-
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This applies, above oU, to the general teudiency to Ciit/nrlk, «ik)
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to those of the Medical College of Virginia who, in all wars
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