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Ihan that enoountered by Uie diaphragm in the elasticity of tlic lung, or

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RtiSNER, E. H., Pulaski, E. J., and Zintel, H. A.: The

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time required to make the smears is negligible. The

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declared, without pescrvation, that even the dazzling progrws

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Os te-o-path-ic, a. Of or belonging to Osteopathy ; as, osteo-

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protecled ftma \t» further influence. To guard the affected larynx bom

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viduals in order to establish new healthy patterns.

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the utmost foresight fails to gtinrd against a retnni of (he diiie&««.}

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Finally, wc must obacrva that, in very many cases, tho csdtia^

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tidis, which had shown itself fitfully in company with local oedema

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rate in the general population has been remarkably re-

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then takes the other end of that string, ties it to

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If a child habitunlly gmwn hotinu; and ooiigli.t with a Kirk upon taking

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the patient, now absolutely symptom-free, began to make

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bg^oiigb, which we rcgaid merely as n cnlarrli complicated witb an

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him together with the craven-hearted. .A meaningless word,

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sociation of John \V. Gibbs, D.D.S., in the practice of

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One of these blue-black lesions on an area subject to

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gastric suction, after injection of desoxycorticosterone ace-

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fetus, the obstetric pelvis and the study of fetal-

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for 30 years. He was brought to the College by the Phi

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smallpox. Clinical studies now in progress have re-

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susceptibility to atypical pneumonia of certain pa-

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brick salesmen are better at this game than you. In

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red, and several small anterior cervical and submaxillary

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ic'llin in the treatment of Vincent's infection and

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the visual loss and the cosmetic appearance in these

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stances. Pain involving more diffuse areas may require sec-

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It is ooly by means of tbo laryDgoeoope that we can determiiM

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surgery is in too many instances too lightly resorted

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plain of anxiety-tension, insomnia, headaches, gastro-

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classisfication. P'or reasons of simplicity, I divide

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Dr. Herman H. Hines, of Pennington Gap, died July 5th

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.\cademy which convened in Durham the 19th and con-

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of the misdn of the glottis Ibnns an tmpottutt element in tho dyspocca

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with. No. never. They may mean money in your pocket,

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and ftedy poured out, imparts to it a turbid, yclbwish appcanuioa

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ful purpose, particularly as a source of information

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which he remained till six months later, at which time he-

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wards she had a chill and her temperature quickly rose to

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