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Peptic Ulcer, Physiologic Principles in the Treatment of, J. L. Hamner 152

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is based upon a different mechanical principle from

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Stuftous ASD Couese. — Acute aitarth nf tli<' tnteli«a noil grvnto

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virtues of genius — and perhaps of the rest of us."

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R. H. Lafferty, M.D., and Associates Charlotte, N, C.

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562. Whedon, G. D. , L. Lutwak, W. F. Neuman, and P. A. LaChance

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Nine cases of gallbladder perforation in typhoid fever

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From the Faculty: Dr. Chalmers L. Gemmill, Professor

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If basic immunization has not been accomplished in the

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panying slide (Figure 1). which is a postoperative chol-

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Small Comm"nitie=, Effective Diagnosis and Treatment by Doctors in 196

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room as a memorial to the late William P. Poythress,

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phvsxal examination, complaints, physical findings,

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Reduction in the incidence or severity of myocardi.ii

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Asy mocvover, tlio prodispositioa 13 mgmmited by cfttwrti, and br

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paque nodules, especially over the extremities. The present-

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sprung's disease; new concept of et etiology; operative results in

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Dr. Howard Russell Masters announces that, after be-

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nxml fiUed with lliut tough uiu<!u.-t tlx; amunubtioin of which pro

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Amphitheatre — Duke University School of Medicine

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the momuB membmne, or wl>ellivr tlic beneficial action arise from other

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cases of acute benign nonspecific pericarditis seen in private

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pelling Power of the Vermiform Appendix — Care Exer

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ants in the School of Phariiiacology: Henry E. Evert,

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some trans-.^tlantic military giant to .step the ocean and

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It would seeui, only when one half merely of tho liiriiix it dtscaaod, a

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qucntly, seldom are »i truttworthy ui titoae of ostium.

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ing this man of whom her relatives disapproved. As soon

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W. Bunch, of Columbia; two sisters, Mrs. H. H. Harris,

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contribute generouslv to the welfare of the young doctors. We cannot do for those

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vinistic to take special pleasure in, and give a spe-

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