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face, surgical procedures and treatment, defects of

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The \"alue of a Public-Relations System R. B. Davis 369

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Other .\cademy officials installed were Dr. B. H. Duck-

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gence quotient. There is some a priori evidence showing a

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biuul, ii iiitDiticr, although a small oae, of actual cures of Uus oiaiady

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wall of the first part, which lent itself to excision

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said she had very little headache, but did have diz-

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35. Kennedy, B. J., Pare, J. A. P., et al: Effects of

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like his father ; he knows so little that he is not

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perienced physicians. Textbooks of physical diagnosis and

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9. Hamilton, J. G.: Radiology, 3a;S41-S72, Nov., 1942.

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Scholarship from the University of Nature — Professor Pea-

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1. -AiBRiGHT, F.: Osteoporosis. Ann. Int. Med., 27:6, Dec,

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four months after therapy negative. No skin eruptions or

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Pre^en* Day Concepts of Antib'ot'c Therapy, W. H. Harris, Jr 203

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Radiographs of good quality are essential to the er-

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no certain results; the androgens and estrogens are

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right upper abdomen. Under spinal anesthesia the hernia

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persistently slow or irregular beat. Before the rate

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