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tory one, which may not threaten life. Fever, witli 'as constant sym[>
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The personal interview conveys an understanding which
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the patient ultimately will display his real conflicts
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Third edition, revised by J. Harvey Black, M.D., Dallas.
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Many vaccinations against smallpox are worthless be-
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done by clinical pathologists. While in training, if
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night. He was anxious about O'Brien — & I have no
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toward the future, will accept his responsibility for
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pcncmia nutl to incnauwd Imnsudmtion vruuld ir^Hult from sndi a coa-
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the spinal fluid, should be made in different laboratories
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to milk the etiology is evident. Iron deficiency in
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Hospital — a supper meeting, the hospital as host. The guest
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given careful consideration in each case. Manuscripts not
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that the eaaeniia] of this disorder in to be sought In ihe medulla and
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consecutive deliveries are reported — an incidence of S.l per
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■jruoujriiioui, nltfaougb the words arc not geocralljr coiunderad ulentical
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Fever — Feeble in Health and Purse — Punching for In-
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cough in early infancy is another good reason for early
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flat side of the sponge has been filled with exudate
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You Mean Nervous — 391; A Diagnostic Maneuver in Abdominal Examinations, Chlorophyl for
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accessible to pid|iation or to iitspeetiou, or wlieje die |xttwnts oougbed
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Judge of the Living and the Dead — The Trial Proceeds —
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Hypertension' Importance of Dental Infection in Its Causation, and of Dental Measures in
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to see whether it is full range. This is best done by
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The cultivated general practitioner. May this be the
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times ignore significant skin lesions, or else fail to
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The attempt to IJow modicatei) |>owdt39 Into the larynx U an andent
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liams, Chairman of the Department of Obstetrics and
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At their back |>art. Sometimes pneumonia or hot fevor contribute!
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slide (Figure 2) reveals a markedly dilated common duct.
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Merritt, Paul A. 0'Le.«y, Walter L. Palmer, Hobart A.
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of the diild. Xow it Ix^ to be taken out of bed into tho anna of its
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infant who presents symptoms of protracted gastrointesti-
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their child's tonsils and adenoids removed, circum-
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will be interested in a report on a follow-up study
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physical examination, including exam, of the spinal fluid;
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four to six months of age, and completed by the end of
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