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Sickness Defined — The Electric Light and Osteopathy — A

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promptly recurred. On a maintenance dose of eight 250-

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Biosatellite II. The Experiments of Biosatellite II.


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tuiriing more or IcM of aromallo sulidtance, b suitable in these cases,

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«B have to do with exactly tiie aanio disease aa that iu vrhi<ji a ooagu>

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Ragweed Hay Fever, Ann. of Allergy. 8:149-167, 1"50,

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the exact amount of radiation that will be required

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seen patients labelled angina because of chest pain

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initial presumptive diagnosis and the specialist is consulted

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Postflight analysis of Bacillus thuringiensis organisms exposed

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necessitate an anaesthetic. Just prior to the treat-

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and in Nephrosis with Azotemia, in Proc. First Clinical

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pottfl a rocli)e of the most heterog«nooii» Kubstsncos.

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getting the trouble into objective form. It is essen-

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«W broaclital blenorrh<i-is or lironchorrlKea. In this fomi the sputum

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Dr. Willis talked chiefly on vaccination against tuber-

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9. RicKER, M. P.: .4m. /. Ob. & Gyn., 57:918, 1949.

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1. S. ir. flilTorfl. Boston, in Pciw. Med. }l.. .T.iii.

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tomy incision, are infiltrated. With the finger in the

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basis, or are being treated by the physician in his

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dcses are recommended. A booster dose of alum-precipitated

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ried out to relieve ventricular block which had again de-

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gun after a few urethral instrumentations. Dilatation was

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It was announced that at the April meeting the speaker

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and easily movable recoilless gun have added great-

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effective therapeutic dose is without toxic effect.

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''for the duration." In civic affairs and in church

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Thousand Poisons — A Case of Aphonia, . . Page 356

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Sometime^ tho disease eomnionec^ with llio sytnjrtotns of a intorrh

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has phrased it this way, "The use of these hormones

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send their infants in as soon after birth as possible.

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.sonnel, medical officers, civilian doctors ,and civil-

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fore, in the recently-delivered patient requires an