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gus, Pregnancy no Cause of Tooth Decay — 74; A Way to Detect Hidden Syphilis — 76; Effective
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(G. W. Pedigo, Jr.. Louisville, in //, Kentucky Med. Assn..
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Stephen Goodwyn, of Henderson. Dr. Parker, son of Mr.
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thymic myth ahve — insufficient or inadequate necropsies.
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true eclampsia. Secondary anemia is frequently very
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duced conflict and feelings of futility. The patient
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tary .^CTH on Rheumatoid Arthritis, Rheumatic Fever
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of CarcUac Clinic. Coney Island Hospital. Grune & Strat-
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426. Pinsky, L. W. , W. Z. Osborne, and J. V. Bailey
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Aeromedical studies. A. Clinical aeromedical observations,
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years you will do better than I did in thirty-five.
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