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fections can provide the answers for all infections."

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— Prayers for the Man Possessed— Brother Jim's Scepti-

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Clay W. Evatt, M.D Charleston, S. C. as you become intern, houseman or aspirant to

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Judge of the Living and the Dead — The Trial Proceeds —

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Lectures in Aerospace Medicine. School of Aerospace Medicine,

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Infec'iicns, Certain, of the Vulva and Vagina, R. H. Hoge 389

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Clyde M. Gilmore, A.B., M.D Greensboro, N. C. , ■ ■,■ >,ii ^ t i n ,- ^ u f

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award to Dr. Erling S. Hegre, associate professor of an-

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Ragweed Hay Fever, Ann. of Allergy. 8:149-167, 1"50,

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ecutive Council and entitled to vote. He shall con-

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