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neurological examination was normal. The optic disks were
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reduce their numW-r, mid tlu-re is scarwly an article of tliis larj^ cbss
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reasonably good screening procedure for identifying
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tients may expect complete relief from headaches when
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deed, while the tatter is an extrcnMiIy acute discmc, croapous inHanunu^
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toms, and, third, keeping the patient largely symp-
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though subjected to very severe pressure from within ; moreover, di»- '
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touch of a specialist, or in being put in a hospital
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112 instances and progressed in only one case, that
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(Syd.). M.S. (Melb.), F.R.C.S. (Eng.), F.A.C.S., F.R.A.
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Bacterial Endocarditis Still Fatal, Undescended Testes. Aureomycin Yields Good Results Against
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As is true of most Medical Journals, all costs of cuts,
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1. R. R. Kracke & W. H. Riser, Jr., Birmingham, in Sou.
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Professor of Physiology in the Department of Clinical
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physical examination, including exam, of the spinal fluid;
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tion, due to stone, edema of pancreas, or spasm of sphinc-
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rotomy the following articles were found: 14 cot springs,
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calorie diet can be given to infants suffering from
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tampon of adrenalin or hydrogen peroxide, or to electro-
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ously or subcutaneously as well as by mouth. Oral admin-
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of the cervical cells and cervical glands is estrogen.
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the Medical College of Vii^ginia. Dr. Michaux was grad-
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is no need to prescribe folic acid routinely to preg-
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So we see that in the last 1 ,S years we have found
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and then both the clamors — that for socialized med-
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opitlwlium, wliich wo see in the condylomubi df the pharynx aud
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severe the reaction. The small-size reaction, which
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Thk ^towiIm most commonly found in tho Uryns are Jibroua tu-
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patient was symptom-free. The frequency and character of
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beliefs; yet, with the full realization that "The old
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to 14 days. If further cauterization is necessary it
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The greatest significance of the maneuver is its giving
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you like. It will be the pleasure of the program committee to have suggestions
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aonu other disorder. If, na ofivn hap]>c-nis besides the tnii-tiviil pain
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hours is sufficient to make the diagnosis. In a few
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oping the latent possibilities of the Virginia Poly-
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leston came that learned specialist. Dr. C. W. Kol-
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the mattress for additional protection; the bed should be
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diodrast injection of the carotid artery in the neck
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Methylsulfate frequently reduces the heart rate and elim-
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who aa check hafnoTThagc Anioitg puny, bttdly-nouretied childreilf
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water, and increase the orange juice gradually unti!
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