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report that by means of massive doses of salicylates
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Flux — Abuse of Osteopathy — Some Notes of Warning —
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so few Rh-negative mothers wUl ever have difficulty be-
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of its pnpiilntioii. The diaeuo was a daDf;«coua one, espedaily for diil-
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monary, brai nor skin involvement. .\ similar course
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A Plea to the Hospital Training Schools : R. B. Davis 224
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wjih ptolbsa ycjlow secretion. The yomig epitlielinl eeJb, upon ili«!
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don of the mitral valre, impeding the outQow from the left auHat«,
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pDeumonia notlia, or, as we novr my " nervous influenn " (typhoid in-
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no side-effect.': and can be repeated daily twice for several
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Should tlic appetite fail, too, and the tongue become coated, we even
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Christmas Seal funds have fought tuberculosis since 1907.
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recently turned loose by the hospitals, and we have no
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reliabihty, distinguish colonies of pathogenic t. b. from
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of such experiments gave no prospect of such sen-ice. I finally
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of tbe cup, and there form a greemsh-ycllow sediment, being no longct
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Rcad before the annual meeting of the Neuropsychiatric
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A 61-year-old white man, was first seen (office examina-
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ed), with or without clubbing of the finger nails, should
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mained so during the febrile period, but gradually became
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Fever — Dr. Smith a Convert — The Success of Lady Osteo-
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nearly every case prior to school age. (11 ) Finally,
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versity of California Medical School; Sueldon Marcen,
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cortical Function, New Eng. J. Med., 242:307, March
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Academy. He was graduated from North Carolina Medical
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tiiToat. Not until tlie cliUd begins to sweat do they believe bim safe,
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effective against the organism need be tried. Since
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iMlrtially toward kee|>ing u|i the irritation of the miiootis membraaa
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all of which facilitates practice, to the end that few
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•uU<Utii« — the second form of cntnrrhal ulovmtiou, the foUioular wre.
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ists, the clinical status of which is briefly discussed.
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in Germany was followed by the occurrence of 18 other
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the ideal for the simple type of operations carried
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len, the tips extremely tender; t. 100 to 103. There was a
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The third point is adverse. Following injury of the
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tiyinf; to draw a Ion;; breatli. Cyanosis and obstructed evacuatuia oif
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irregular; b. p. 120/78; pupils slightly contracted, equal
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the vast majority to be born, and to spend the vast
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n. Acute Catarrh of the SmaUer Bronchi in CfttA/iwi.— White
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tion has controlled infections due to Ps. aeruginosa,
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to (be newly ■announrnd vtvnft of HV/fcr in Vtalle, who bclievt-s lliat
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Davis, of Statesville, Enlarges His Hospital, Dr 87
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sail in Are we following the old Grecian ideas of
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