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blood pressure, the greater the danger of complica-
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the expiration of the three-year period. Longfellow
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overloolfcd in the cadaver. On the other baud, the numunjus obeen-A-
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slack is taken up by the laces. When this no longer suffices
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In desperation, in May, 1949, a mother, 29, was ad-
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Hospital, Chicago, were tied for third prize and were
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father who did general practice for 50 years, and having
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Microbial response to space environment, Part B. Apollo 16 Pre-
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duties of life, with their engines and batteries of
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the husband is Rh-positive. It is among these couples that
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esses. This left on at least six weeks. In any event,
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cosa were the only physical finding, and routine laboratory
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features of sickness-care insurance. Read carefully
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cerning medication, it is of little value to tell how
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This type of consultation is usually not very satis-
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This applies, above oU, to the general teudiency to Ciit/nrlk, «ik)
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to those of the Medical College of Virginia who, in all wars
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Maternal Health Committee of the Medical Society of Vir-
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The syndrome of abdominal epilepsy is characterized by
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pairs costing $25.00 each— a total of $50.00 — (of
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or "down," or "to the right" or "to the left," depending
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administration of 300,000 units of procaine penicillin in oil
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rvtnoiliea ui micfa eases are tho stimuUiit cxpcetonutta — au iniportatil
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danger from the sCKsIled capiltaty bronchitis of childhood arises merdjr
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genic hormone. The lesions are physiological during
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mits, irrespective of its estimated weight or size.
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Common Conditions Often Misdiagnosed, Some, J. L. Hamner 40
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tion generally begba at an iniiignillaBnt point, tttc juinful region it aho
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toau, liout-ri-r, llm rvtiln^M arc ilontin^ in » luck of piu, fonned bj
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in various stages of investigation. Perhaps, as Rei-
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•Tablets "Turased" f'Tnished through the courtesy of the E.
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The personal interview conveys an understanding which
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the patient ultimately will display his real conflicts
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Third edition, revised by J. Harvey Black, M.D., Dallas.
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Many vaccinations against smallpox are worthless be-
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done by clinical pathologists. While in training, if
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night. He was anxious about O'Brien — & I have no
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toward the future, will accept his responsibility for
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the spinal fluid, should be made in different laboratories
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to milk the etiology is evident. Iron deficiency in
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Hospital — a supper meeting, the hospital as host. The guest
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