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One group of 97 women in labor were given 1.0 c.c. of a
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.^. WEmMAN, F. D.: Dermatologic Expressions of Internal ■
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niiueles of tlie glottic To tbb we shaU recur hereafter.) Hem, too,
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\'ou think this might be bothering you" may lay the
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att^oa of tiie lari'nx, iu which, as we uw, the submuooua tisniH is
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Scrofula: The neck often swelled until it resembled
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nign tumor in the right parietal lobe — a not uncommon
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iBucotis incrobrnnc,* Kliii.'li is nioro fullj jtrovidf^ vrilh t^amry iicrrcs.
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reduced in two, and unaffected in only three. Results were
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oifjsiM Let ns bear this bet in mind, lest we bo indiKxrd to bleed nt
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wliilc tiie \fiixra are alwuy^ growuig and perostent The niuoous tncnf
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time, 100 mg. whenever strenuous work was anticipated
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mining susceptibility to epidemic parotitis. In view
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Acute Gouty Arthritis with Pituitary Adrenocort'co-
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ease is not common in this country but traveling to
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erations involve practically all fields of eye surgery.
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former instructors in this institution of learning,
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the nation in newspapers, magazines, radio advertising, and
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of shot in the supraclavicular fossae. Surprisingly
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stereoscopic films. The margins of these lesser de-
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dissolut on of urinary calculi. One to three per cent
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to chronic congestive heart failure. Thirty-eight patients
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ure of Aesculapius on their coinage, sometimes with
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fine Post-Graduate Seminars offered by the various medical
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to 97 per cent, but in onlv 65 per cent against per-
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of additional air, reducing the chance of postofjera-
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14. Waisbren, B. a., Hueckel, J. S., Howard, R. W., and
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1. p. p. Case, M,D,, Providence, in H. /, Med. Jl.. June,
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her sister nurses out of their standing, little sympa-
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paticntA more frctjuently die of acute intercum-iit disordem thaa of ex-
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United States Space Life Science experiments, encompassing 27 years of experience
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would take notice and tell her of her tactful habits.
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vvhiie the lay trustees are difficult to deal with.
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Editorial Comment. — Dr. Brodie Nalle was an extra
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^ bi its soreml Etages, and, far mora rardy, croup of the iur>pasng«e
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Dr. R. E. Rhyne, 65, Gaston County Health Officer fot
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consideration is a defect state. "The psychopath is
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6. Hench, P. S,: The Analgesic Effect of Hepatitis and
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tuberculosis in which no chnical disease is present,
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swollen, and thus oflera grcnter impediment to the entnnoc of air.
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caused by pollen sensitivity, parasitic infection or
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