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Use of Electric Shock ir the Treatment of Neuroses O. R. Yosl 1

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attack on an age-old disease enemy of mankind. In the

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the North Carolina Baptist Hospital, Winston-Salem, N. C.

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known to a large number of the physicians throughout the

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from the ever-available mouth-to-mouth insufflation to the

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Two strips of elastic adhesive 1 in. «ide are applied

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but it is still with us to a degree sufficient to make

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sure that in the near future pernicious anemia will

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Experiments Summary. NASA TM X-5 8074, p. 237-244, 1971.

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and the muscle spasm. All types of heat are useful to re-

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ous phases of physical life. I beheld these glorious

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have occasion to send a patient to a State Ho.spital.

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Frog egg growth, Experiment S003. Gemini Program Biomedical Science

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program was an address by Admiral F. C. Greaves, Wash-

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admission her finance had been killed in an airplane crash

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however, are well w-orth the effort, for of all the

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provLQco, bnt in the proTincca of pkj^olo^, patliological anat-

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In addition to other new business the following ofiicers

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"Screen Test" For Cancer A Practical and Inexpensive 85

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Nalle Clinic Building 412 North Church Street. Charlotte

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various stages of development; some of the older ones

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degree before the student is accepted for the nurs-

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may be best delayed, perhaps untli the twelfth vear.

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470. Scheld, H. W. , J. F. Boyd, G. A. Bozarth, J. A. Conner, V. B.

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est resistance will prevent completion of the move-

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A simplified caffeine gastric fractional test meal is pre-

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Should tlic appetite fail, too, and the tongue become coated, we even

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as he describes it. Paraldehyde perhaps is the drug

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bers — three from each State. The Executive Coun-

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urar- l^e iiunifOatioii of pulverized nitnte of silver, or lis application tn

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later up to October, with the greatest incidence in

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qualified to pilot that institution to success. Many

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labor, especially backache, the diagnosis is almost