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water soluble chiorophyll derivatives in a hydrophy.ic oint-
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he was also, at one time, councilor. He was a member, also,
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suggestion, will give the patient temporary relief.
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decrease in the excretion of 17-ketosteroids (if the
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often the subject of ridicule by their mates, hencf
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Dr. Hagood was chosen by the college as the first recipient
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Fayssoux of Charleston, South Carolina, by Chalmers
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master as time goes on and you mix and mingle with the older members of the pro-
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tion of the skin, hepatic cirrhosis, and diabetes mellitus.
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Excellent Obstetrics Taucht By a Thomsonian 1835-1841 42
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' easily find out whether or not the child's external meatus
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there in 1931. Subsequently he was a resident in surgery
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are not clear in the usual leads; whatever leads are
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their own doctors for flushings. However, 40 patients were
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by signs of ob«traciion of tlw larynx, by panting, xtridcnt rtcpirs-
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of all syphilitics cure themselves of their disease
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manifestations, injection of the drug into the blood
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Hyperparathyroidism is a rare condition. In our hos-
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ditionally alter with advancing years, the child is
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large scale is probably justified prophylaxis against
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at the Medical College of North Carolina in 1904. Dr.
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The standard Ziehl-Neelsen stain is still the staining
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any of the earlier antibiotics. \'iral agents causing
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contraptions used to prevent smothering. He believes that
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