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quate treatment for cervical irritative lesions, onlv

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vice-president. Dr. T. Preston White; second vice-presi-

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and Space Research X. Proceedings of the 14th plenary meeting,

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is true that we see patients with crossed eyes dur-

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Grave depression of the respiratory function is a matter

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Proceedings of the 19th plenary meeting of Cospar, Philadelphia,

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.■\ pathological diagnosis of benign prostatic hy-

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— How Often to Treat — Do Not Bruise the Muscles— The

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this substance (12 to 16 tablets daily), and in no case was

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v^ccinated children the typical signs usually begin

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admitted to hospital March 10th. Four days later, without

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from liftoff to orbital insertion. Aerospace Medicine. 42: 281-287,

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graduate of The Citadel and of the Medical College of th'.;

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roidism. Small doses (10 mg. daily) of iodine given

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tog, of grant violence, frcqncully tcnniiutcs m rotehing or voorilin^,

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Response of local vascular volumes to lower body negative pressure.

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vngum vas irJaxod or ewoltcii, or that enlarged broDchlal glands bnx'c

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pose was falsely conceived, or that it is no longer

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vdana, ospeciaUy countn* onc^i, arc in the habit of caQtng for lecohea

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that all patients attempting suicide — those mak-

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''wji. CIdoral is to be given in solalion in one Iarg«' done, followed

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given this protection as early as the first month of life.

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Uterine Mahgnancy by Papanicolaou's Method, Sources of Potential Error in the Interpreta-

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ject: Psychosomatic Disorders in Gynecology. This was

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into the cerebrospinal fluid in ,30 to SO per cent of

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Occasionally a polyp may be twi.sled off its pedicle

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the UM of Em^woter and careful nurdtig of the mucous meuhnue^

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