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doses of the leaf or digitoxin without becoming confused.

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suffers from hemorrhage with loss of clotting power,

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During the observation period four patients were droo-

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of the intraspinal division of the first, second and third

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aberration of the normal pattern is found, although

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Simpler Means of Artificial Respiration Best W. R. Wallace 80

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ment is noted either in function or relief of pain,

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possible. We should contribute more liberally to the endowment of our alma mater.

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wonderful book on Diseases of Children. Dr. W. C. Davi-

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diseases, lias a typical counc, in whieh j>aroxyMmif altenato

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500-mg. tablet. With the new tablets, fewer doses per day

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gastric neoplasm, peptic ulcer, diseases of the pan-

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than /jypo-thyroidism. The physical appearance is not that

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cenary, not through choice in the beginning, but through necessity. Once he has

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Hervey Cleckley, M.D., Professor of Psychiatry and Neu-

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449. Rogers, T. D. , G. R. Taylor, and M. E. Brower

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water soluble chiorophyll derivatives in a hydrophy.ic oint-

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dromes I see is angina pectoris. I have several times

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B^ve noUoe of its approach, a moderate dnse of earbonale of soda or of

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interest in the proposal and appointed Dr. B. F. Royal to

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sertion of tho muscles upon tho chest and qiignstric rc^on. This pro

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he was also, at one time, councilor. He was a member, also,

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suggestion, will give the patient temporary relief.

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came and through the hypnotic power of suggestion that

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Blood Kahn tests done after one, two, four and five

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of state assessments in connection with the proposed em-

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the positive ones. This is a tedious affair, and the

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at least 12 tablets dailv, continued well after the

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•.not because " tlicir foramen ondci ix os yet unrlosi-d," " aod a ooid-

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Dr. George H. Bunch, Jr., of Columbia. A daughter, Car-

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lesser concentration, if imposed for longer than a very few

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may exist for years before malignant melanom.i develops.

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Dr. Kincheloe competed for four years as a light-heavy-

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tatectomies, the average was 11.2 days. This latter

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weeks — being superior to xanthines. Sedation is in

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tract are given at half-hour intervals. This may be

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often the subject of ridicule by their mates, hencf

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