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to the usual medical management. Termination of the preg-

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Apollo 14 microbial analyses. NASA TM X-5 8094, 1972.

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544. von Baumgarten, R. J., R. C. Simmonds, J. F. Boyd, and 0. K. Garriott

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citizen and the India and the Provincial State Gov-

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his zeal in the Association's cause will be at full heat

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therapeutic exercise for stretching of tight struc-

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fractures, peritonitis, and acute anaphylactoid re-

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alent to the other. It was rather surprising that this indi-

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ries of asthmatic patients treated with khellin. In

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In our hands 6 mg. Hetrazan per kilogram, three times

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She developed a feeling of bitter hatred toward her

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and a relatively long period of detailed professional

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author of the "Dictionary of Industrial Psychology"; with a

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thought of this first, and if routine blood cultures

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Dr. Churchill written on the back of the title. The

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of a case of thrombosis of the portal vein so treated.

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Routine stool examinations and stool cultures failed to

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Peptic Ulcer, Digestive Upset Due to Renal Disease, Head Injury in the Child — 264; Abolition of

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Use of more than one criterion greatly increases the

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of five to six inches and six to eight inches the cor-

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uous traction on the hand, the forearm being flexed

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.^t the Boston Children's Hospital recently 2'/i per