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Should this complication arise, it is usually prompt-

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encaphalitis as a sequela of measles in the last 30 years.

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positive in 12.5 per cent within 10 min. after oper-

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check for residual urine post-operatively until the

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quent office visits. After the baby is born there is

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It is my sincere hope that the membership of the Tri-State Medical Associa-

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Soyuz Test Project, Preliminary Science Report. NASA TM X-5 81 7 3 ,

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or a great coat — costing 19s., and 6d. for carriage.

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tor's Prescription for Fever — Electrical Machine in the

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convincing the patient that the diagnosis is correct;

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felt that the results of therapy are unlikely to be improved

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ed. There can be little doubt that if such plans fail,

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this question, however, one realizes that it is necessary to specify what is meant by a

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dren. In one baby of two years there was a familial

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There is general agreement concerning the first four of

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cular atony of shock demands sodium salts, not the plasma

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basis, or are being treated by the physician in his

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Hirschfield. in his paper recently presented at the

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of cervical mucus are secreted, but the viscosity is

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active adrenal-stimulating principle of the anterior

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nish, battle with all their skill against the dread

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this list, or that ten per cent of all people are said

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