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KccJit to indicntv, niih some plausibility, that becddes the ciliary motioo
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who have for so many years carried the banner, but who now, without your enthusi-
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return six months or a year later with a recurrence.
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Results are often dramatic, complete recovery of the
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(Philip Cooper, Jf.D., and A. H. Hinshaw, M.D., Wichita, in
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very painful. No more anticoagulants were given for fear
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urethral obstruction. In some instances vesical-neck
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to regain their health. The function of the trustees
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by urethral instrumentations and later by instillations of
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•ndseemaslf about to bunt from their sockets; the tongue looks thick
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of Medichie, gives the substance of discoveries and
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It is your President's conviction that if our predecessors had all taken the time
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was active in community affairs and served on the Dillon
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Medical College on May 28th, 1849. The degree of Doctor
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of this lesion, and treat any case of it he discov-
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began to experience increasing constipation, fullness of his
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Depression, Its Recognition and Management, On ._ 124
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1. J. B. Dillon, Univ. of So. Calif., in Arizona Med., Oct.
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3 ij, to be taken by tba liwq>oo«riil. Finally, the \ae of ptinneB, ODi^
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ANATomeAL ArfKAUAKCKS. — The ivtoih iiifiltnilion wliidi takes
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abdomen, occasional cramp-like pains in the epigastrium,
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with the probable factors contributing to his susceptibility
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Life Is — Anxiety to Leave It — Child's Pluck — The Brain
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the individuals in the test group had a significantly
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Where laboratory facilities are available, the bac-
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ring in this country in which these antibiotics are
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student in the trained practical nursing course. You
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until the discovery and isolation of a pure crystallin
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materials, fireproof furniture, upholstery, rugs, etc.
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New York State Psychiatric Institute; Department of
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making an excellent adjustment in her home. .As may bf;
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and back. There was mild cervical adenopathy. The arms
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