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Dr. Theodore L. Squier, Marquette University — Subject:
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{Unsigned Department Editorials ar- by the Editor of the Depar'ment; ■where there is more that!
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the cervical canal, during periods of high estrogen
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Adrenal Insufficiency in Infants, Edema of Vulva in Pregnancy — S4; Acute Pancreatitis, Comparing
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port, arc l<xtlh Uj rcfnun from otlier hydrt^Mthio inensiunt, hM <loiii>c more
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overloolfcd in the cadaver. On the other baud, the numunjus obeen-A-
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571. Whittle, M. W. , R. E. Herron, and J. R. Cuzzi
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tinufc to be fvestribe'd at no mvan cwst to the Statt,
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parentlv equal effectiveness of more than one anti-
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three elements — (1) the element of dying, (2) the
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tracting well. Every patient should be catheterized
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af^ili<\I, Bare witkr tliv (^cc^tionnl onmlitionH nlx)vc etatod, and the
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roneous ideas about the significance of blood pres-
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for three to four weeks only, and since a child who
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penicillin. One factor to consider is the ease with
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years. He received a .severe neck injury about 18 months
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to 4 ml. distilled water in a test-tul)e with gradua-
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ington. X. C. vice-pre.sident ; Dr. E. W. Larkin. Washing-
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overlooked, unles sthe urine is tested as a routine measure
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mere laxity or want of (one of tlic muscles, or in grave om-s may
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steodi ; if tbe mi>n> iioliil components ot the sputa nnk to the bottom
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the patient will be followed with interest, especially as re-
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I.ippinrnll Company, E. Washington Square, Philadelphia
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graduate of The Citadel and of the Medical College of th'.;
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" gmalicit wcll-authonticatod fact in tborapentica is of profound
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of my grandfather's oldest brother, and whether or not
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contact with his surroundings, an artificial eardrum may
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utes later he began to relax and in another five was com-
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mtiiupiratory expansion and strotching of the vesicular natls, is not
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ninety-and-nine of the specialists joining enthusias-
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natural immunity during early infancy. The peak of mor-
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all fields, (4) the ability to view the patient as a
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hospital or an institution that is prepared to cope
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level of 65 to 75 per cent of normal, and the results
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Hospital Corps and served for years as commander of
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(J. R. Davidson & Ernest Douglas, in British Med. Jl., June
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obesity is frequently the result of an endocrine dis-
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is true that we see patients with crossed eyes dur-
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If we can succeed in tnakiiig the baby cry or Tomit, and thus inag-
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Proceedings of the 19th plenary meeting of Cospar, Philadelphia,
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— How Often to Treat — Do Not Bruise the Muscles— The
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this substance (12 to 16 tablets daily), and in no case was
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v^ccinated children the typical signs usually begin
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The oral priming dose should be split into 3 or 4 parts
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tntce of physiology ntid pnlholog}*, or from tlio laboratory of tlio
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bers will have told everybody the attractive details.