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blood stream), arises in one out of every 200 pregnancies
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chest findings either by physical examination or x-ray. The
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nature is the way in which the cervix conserves its
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The following is a complete listing of the hospital staff
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the postoperative period — i.e., penicillin, sulphona-
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Sydney, etc. Butterworth & Co., Publishers, Ltd., London,
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aureomycin into the blood stream is impaired when alumi-
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and Mrs. Clifton Geno Parker, of Woodland, is a resident
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permanent invalids of patients who, if given proper
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The Experiments of Biosatellite II . NASA SP-204, 1971.
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absent in patients with severe anemia. Patients who
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Gathering Gems of Thought — My Children — Drawing to a
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diagnosis of tumor is the occurrence of a blood sugar level
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sanitarium, where she remained for two months. In a state
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Dr. Guy W. Horsley, surgeon at St. Elizabeth's Hospital,
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Life Sciences Symposium. NASA TM X-58154, Vol. 1, p. 417-424,
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on diets that we would consider bizarre and outlandish.
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oven general convoUocia occur, in wnich Uie sufferer may perish.
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The Blacksmith and Watchmaker — Object of the School —
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