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19. Gr.aub.ard, D. J., and Peterson, M. C: The Therapeu-

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♦Acknowledgement is given to Dr. George McKeown of

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and the results studied and compared. In any event, no

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slowly but continuously, while observing its progress with

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lesser concentration, if imposed for longer than a very few

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Officers of the society are: Dr. Rives W. Taylor, Oxford,

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are some of the contents of an article- by the Fitz

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ston-Salem for one year before resuming practice at Madi-

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cially in that group of patients in which the occiput

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B. Saunders Company, Pniladelphia and London. 1950.

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Psychotherapeutic Management of Essential Hypertension

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10. .Ale.\ander, F.: "Psychosomatic Medicine." W. .A. Nor-

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When myocardial infarction is suspected but cannot be

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of catrtharidin in oU, and covered with blotting^pcr before a|^1i

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some avoidable errors and help in the selection of cases

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table irritants, principally those of poison-oak or

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In the adrenal gland, the doubly-refractile lipid of the zona

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registered physician who does not practice or claim to

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eye pain with h\fpoesthesia of the frontal scalp on

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to submit to an emergency abdominal operation. The psy-

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section. Why don't such people offer themselves for vivi-

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vKcrvted into the urine. Here nochftmiii myn-lia-, takm dry, b reooiD*

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ward's drugstore. The chief note concerning him was under

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face, surgical procedures and treatment, defects of

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lowship by the National Institute of Health for studies on

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with Benadryl. In contrast it occurred rarely and was least