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posium on Gravitational Physiology, Varna, Bulgaria, May 30, 31,
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tient conatantly trying to clear hi« tlirunl, a hiil)it niix*l disagrecablo
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of Treatment for the Practicing Physician — Editor: How-
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three-hour inter\'als. The use of an aluminum prep-
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IV in severe cases. Oxygen is often life-saving. For
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the positive ones. This is a tedious affair, and the
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for his continued study, and the public gets a bet-
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effect since so little is absorbed from the gastro-
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The acneform foreign body reaction — papules, pus-
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litre a flow uf inuctia may prevail, <Jiie to dianjieo in llic i.'pllbcliAl
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(IJ .\. nickel & P. G. Seykr. South Bend, in Jl. Indiana Med.
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fy his final opinion, or indicate what test is neces-
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so many cases, this possibility should be considered in
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insight ns to tho extent of llic jirocvsa is only to be obtained by moans
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Ph.D., Associate Professor of Surgery, Director, Division
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protein because the patient is in a state of protein
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with its unilateral or bilateral back pain and ten-
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axenfeld, as well as follicular, inclusion and vernal
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treatment hysteria was brought under control and the pa-
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The heavy-weight elastic stocking and the lighter Laste.\
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later reporting that their working ability e.xceeds
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versity of Virginia Department of Medicine in 1893. He
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to a raft with 11 others — not on the raft, but dang-
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by hyperpigmentation and a soft, verrucous, velvety
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boils down to saying the patient should be sent "to
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Hypertension, Psychotherapeutic Management of Essential, S. A. Steiner 317
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nf thi* organ, at once to Institute on accurate pliysical eutamination of
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Occasionally a polyp may be twi.sled off its pedicle
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E The type of malignancy may be difficult to distinguish
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ExpericDce has not yet Uu^ht the child Uus art, and ao the symploina
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represents a state of mind. In those days an individual enjoyed both the respon-
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sudden, with pain and a tender mass over the left upper
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they want someone to cut up, they can have my mutt of
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to spend more money than they earn — because this
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Hsouxoitiit,— The prognosto a« lo life i« better than the appear-
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gciMraDy («cogniznbl« tmtil a&ct the cffiwon has fonoed in ihe 8ub>
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failures, dishonesties, moments of hatred, of weak-
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Nay-, just tu, witliotit any aangnable catuc, tbo parts about e\-et7
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Dr. George L. Brown in the practice of Dermatology, 211
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aberration of the normal pattern is found, although
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in itself of therapeutic value. The only reward offered was
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liiuo to render tlie nir-pnsNiges pcr%'ious, and tho children may perish in
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