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Urinary Infections, Gantrisin in the Treatment of '^'
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reactions, crush syndrome, metallic poisoning, sul-
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iorcstigation U the only ratioiial and proper one for tUc
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of the cervical cells and cervical glands is estrogen.
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if (^ the eoiUimfiiia ttruin and ejepansion produce Mruelitrtll
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group. This antibiotic has about one-tenth the tox-
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spoiled ; if complete starvation is not the result,
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not contraindicated. Further in some cases quinine did
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Wliouping-cough tcrrohiates iQ teeovcry in a large majority of cum
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the ecg. for a week. If the patient then shows evi-
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formance of cholangiography, and this requires apparatus
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to moderate tho inBanmiatioD ; tho emetic to rotnovo tlto exudation.
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glottis<cloacra alone are affected, we can see by means of the mirror
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Wives and Mothers — The New Joshua — Divorced from
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tive agent in certain of the acute psychoses — •
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tlw ottDok. Tlie goneni oondition is untroubled, and the sympitoms of
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lorm group. Like aureomycin, it is readily absorbed
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a psychiatrist helpful. For the vast majority of pa-
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healing is retarded. (Some of the articular biopsies
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dissolut on of urinary calculi. One to three per cent
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special training and incorporate it in the curricu-
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done raeat, if we prcscribo cod-liiirr oil and salt bntiiSy the results arc
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Would the Great Doctor allow another Great Doctor to
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hours. However, it is completely ineffective against
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form inhibit uterine action and increase the risk of
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and sore when they rest a while and they get relief
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talization. Half the calculated amount is given for
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This is not an easy procedure in al! cases. Cope has shown
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ence in practice in clinics and hospitals having the
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ested in the hospital and willing to take the neces-
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Dr. Hagood was chosen by the college as the first recipient
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ing time for consulting more ample treatises later,
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n»rl>mt wmI l/roiiolilal nUMaa* membnoc cwasM coa^nnBt ud I'** fiMBil tbalattli*
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being studied. Cross agglutination and vaccinations
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a large piece is applied over a group of lesions. Since the
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tntMlltion begin to tuflirr, ftom constant t-<.imiling and fnitn slccpleos
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with 4000 calories, and ate well. It was never nec-
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tion of the skin, hepatic cirrhosis, and diabetes mellitus.
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cenhalopehac disproportion, or the cervix is rigid.
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hope in arthritic sufferers. Its expense de'ers its use.
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pylthiouracil will control the hyperthyroidism com-
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ers, took the lead in a movement to unite the medi-
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