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be politically and culturally progressive and it is

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pain in the dorsal region, were treated with incon-

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routine precaution, both to prevent later relaxation

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of the ocH-wolls, and cousoquent emphysema, acoordtng (o thfl tboaij

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1«8 tendoic/ to tDcrenw in width than in depth. Thoj readily IskI to

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It is not my intent to ciiscus.s with vhju the con-

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a large piece is applied over a group of lesions. Since the

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or two additional treatments as reinforcement. . . .

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in gthe uicer and surround'ng skin with ethyl ether a thick

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and equal. Babinski of the right hand was positive,

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to see clearly for near. There is always a definite

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On October 17th, Dr. C. N. H. Long( Dean of Medicine,

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completion of the toxoid series and, if found to be

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coronary occlusion and myocardial infarction, rheu-

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in which .severe myocardial ischemia followed the use of

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of us who have served with our time and our efforts, there comes a sense of proud

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evaluating the status of these patients, one should first

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tof tlw nerves, Hpodfll att<^nlion Las been paid to

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and become of vital importance to their professional success. Those of us who have

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I. Kfllojfp Sped. Chicago, in Modern Medichjc, May 15th.

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vomiting; no bowel movement in past 24 hours, though

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discover Ihe world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. You can search tlirough the full text of Ihis book on the web

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The anesthetist should always study the patient before the

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and occasional mild abdominal discomfort, he had felt well.

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The author uses the combination (contura plus presso-

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icity of these drugs makes them useless for the con-

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am^gti. The rilcL-t of vigorous expiration through n narrow glottis, sudi

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the present Administration that the peoples' health

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adjusted to give equal therapeutic results in 781 allergic

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exeiusivoly a disease of that ago), as weQ ns in conwqueacc of the tt»

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But, even in sueli casni, after a time, the patients tisually porisli in a

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erable — the head is rotated completely to the occi-

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fectious diseases. So give your children a still better chance.

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in the medical press and has been trumpeted throughout

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thb, however, further petsonal cxpcrieiteo and tlie npiiruvd of ntlK-r

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on detailed examination and its careful instruction

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apy. All cases of amebiasis responded well to aureo-

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doses of the leaf or digitoxin without becoming confused.

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Literature. Bull. McGuire Clinic and St. Luke's Hos-

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general heading are being reclassified under avita-

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the wium itcam gi_-ncratcd by the botling brine is also inhaled. Tliia

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Professor of Biochemistry. Dr. Fisk is a graduate of Har-

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Thousand Poisons — A Case of Aphonia, . . Page 356

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A native of North Carolina, Dr. Smith was graduated

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back from heel to knee. The patient is instructed to put

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.Another subscription reported, also for $6,600, will make

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affinned it so fully that we cannot hare any hesilatioa in making osu of

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