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medical staff, social service, nursing, physical and
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Medical School and Duke Hospital staffs for 18 years, has
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Scxtion of a peripheral nerve trunk seldom affords any
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first patient, hn effective and well tolerated anticholinergic
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extirpation or drainage of accessible primary foci.
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A nurse or an office assistant could keep an inven-
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a 0.1^ solution should not be given faster than 12 c.c.
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Laboratory Methods and the General Practitioner, W. R. Wallace 110
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In \"\\'o Activity of Neomycin. J. of Immunology, 58:
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tioner can do two simple tests at anv time with the
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reactions, crush syndrome, metallic poisoning, sul-
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that I could apply this science successfully to all
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The ccrcbml symptoms vrhidi sometimes appear in whooping-couglll
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cardiographic Laboratory, Beth Israel Hospital ; Associate
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had moved slightly during the past week there had been
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talis; don't sleep with your wife." It was only with
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of observation ; none pave history of any illness which
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