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Dr. Herbert M. Evans, University of California: "Un-
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tSttv peisonid experience, e«uiiK>t siilBeicntly urge the application of a
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organizations that hardly a doctor is to be found who wall be interested in all of
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year, so the vaccine should be repeated every year.
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pattern of normahty. Simple tachycardia can produce elec-
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skull: x-ray treatment or surgical excision .should
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membrane}, whicii after destli preaeot cither a mottled or a uniformly
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tion, fills out one admission card, writes one receipt
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skull the right side was experienced as more sensi-
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frequently involved in backache are the erector spinae and
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(■on of (be thoiai, oontracts to a certain citent, mid then nrmiuns with*
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without interfering with healing. In over 3,000 ap-
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his divine law and signs till I just got sick of the
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12th plenary meeting, Prague, Czechslovakia, May 11-24, 1969.
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with patients who are our personal friends. In such
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years, is now convalescent. When, soon after admission to
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hours during the febrile period and 0.25 gm. every four
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A nurse or an office assistant could keep an inven-
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a 0.1^ solution should not be given faster than 12 c.c.
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Laboratory Methods and the General Practitioner, W. R. Wallace 110
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onflosecn tiM! aller«d«spcctof a<^bUi]» fevr tiows after auch * blecdinff,
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symptoms, some of them of daily OMurrence, ate duo to a pamiyau
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In \"\\'o Activity of Neomycin. J. of Immunology, 58:
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