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partment. University College Hospital, London; and Peter
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48 hours. These patients were given codeine or other anal-
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afebrile in a day or so after therapy was instituted.
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leukocytes averaged 3,400, with a similar differential count.
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Death during spinal anesthesia is usually caused by an-
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has been appointed Associate Professor of Pathology at the
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plus 20 per cent operating expense, is as absurd as
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the proposed "Foundation for the Prevention of Smother-
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M.D.. F.A.C.S.. F.I.C.S., Profes.sor of Gynecology, Cook
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Cervico-occipital pain, probably due to some irritative
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ists, and radiologists in his area on all routine chest films
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ally given, give in small divided doses, spread over
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vaccine regularly, as evidenced by the fact that our
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nunciation of the action of the N. Y. State Medical
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acid in gastric juice, without interfering with the acid-
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sponsored by the Department of Contiuation Education of
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•Ml 26 of the first cases gave a negative reaction
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claims to have finally succeeded in producing a remedy
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should cast doubt upon the validity of the attempt.
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vine T. B. which had no virulence for cattle, 12 years later
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loaving off all citrus fruits while taking; discon-
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group cohesion. Intense aggression, for example, if
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old washed muslin or linen, old handkerchiefs, sheets or
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pensive, and so far, the results are not impressive.
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will net do its share in tilling up the inspiratory expansion of the tliorax,
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