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leston came that learned specialist. Dr. C. W. Kol-
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the mattress for additional protection; the bed should be
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diodrast injection of the carotid artery in the neck
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Methylsulfate frequently reduces the heart rate and elim-
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water, and increase the orange juice gradually unti!
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whom primary- craup o( the mdiea and laiynx Bcarcely erar occuts.
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1. W. R. Coolce, M.D., Univ. of Texas, Galveston, in Jl.
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Prostate — E. P. Alyea, M.D., School of Medicine,
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ful review of the other systems was entirely negative. He
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and tlie oough (whidi appears to have little effect in clearing the minuter
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thereafter the tonsil decreases in size. It is possible
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kemia cutis may manifest itself as papules, nodules,
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Thiomerin — 294; Use of Oxygen in Comatose States — 300; Successful Treatment of Hyperhidrosis
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if the bbetaclcs to cxpimtion, often docs so subside. (Tfac«e are Hk
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Presented to the Tri-State Medical Association of the
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traumatic or neoplastic, and removal of this cause is fol
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in timely protest against the ignorant pretentious-
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procaine infusions. He claims that the corrected deficiency
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applied freely to the skin. After initial disappoint-
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4:30 — Discharges from the Vagina; Treatment in Private
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In the presence of heart failure, digitalis is indi-
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phtliiab pituitoftiia, dc\-clop8 from blennorrhoea of the hrouchi. miilc
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months were all negative. The patient remained in perfect
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acutely during n pncuniniiiii or liyinstatio Migi^rgrmiaitf Ow int«rrcsuni^
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You Mean Nervous — 391; A Diagnostic Maneuver in Abdominal Examinations, Chlorophyl for
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that used the most particularly to engage the atten-
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blood type which would cause maternal sensitization.
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U l(nA arc dresidfully atarmcil, l>y-iind-l>ir ^tdiv odIj too careless, and at
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muscles, with the subsequent rise in blood pressure, set
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to seat 240. The total project, including equipment, will
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officers for the coming year. Dr. S. W. Hatcher, Morehead
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of Staff for all three of Columbia's general hospitals. He
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ridicule* Oic jHrmiNiion and nuwultation, iumI protests thnt the only evil
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tion and rqimwed lih«mtioa of mrbonio acid. The same restlesineas,