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the Mmple reiialtant of a computation of known (^uaittitie». I
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witnessing the pa.ssing of the general physician. The stu-
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relieve tension states with only two or three treat-
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The treatment for the three major neuralgias is division
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layman's belief that if the x-ray pictures of his chest
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caused by rickettsiae and by viruses of the psitta-
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Stove and Sewing-Machine — End of the World Coming —
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remain uniiltorod ; and oven those few have nearly all undergone
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1. O. p. J. Falk, St. Louis, in Miss. Val. Med. JL, Mar.
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ham. His family lives at Wagram, his old home town.
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Dangers — The Evil of Drugs— Terrible Visions — A Picture
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earbooiiKidd poiaooiitg, b > oonsequenoo of bronchial coUtrh.
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tablet of 10 mg., t.i.d. After the afebrile period,
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[jernicious anemia. Vou will recall the old hj^pothe-
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; struction, and no x-ray evidence of nephrolithiasis,
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obta'n a charter for his school all those with whom
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and well-rf)unded <liet has been establi.shed there
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have the solar center ; the little toe will be Ura-
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the lirfaiMaf in elastic Qlma of the mucous membrane of the larger air-
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four and five treatments a day. Very soon she became
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Age plaj's a very important role as may be seen in the
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periods up to four days after discontinuing the substance.
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Tri-State Medical Association with all its rights and privileges. In this great organi-
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the principles of physical diagnosis and treatment.
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reportod as [xjlj-pi. Until tlio introduotioQ of Uie laiyngnsoi^, a
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the broncliial reins be compressed by inflammatory foci or by growtha.
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a|i>m tlie desire to remove tlra inipcdimcnt to its breathing, nhiuh it in*
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cal attendant takes care of the baby first, ignoring
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veins, nerves, and arteries — preparatory to form-
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.Attention is drawTi to the continuing high mortality in
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large scale is probably justified prophylaxis against
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first sponge is inserted beyond the site of the bleeding,
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Butter — Another Invention — Studying the Drive-Wheels
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