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tumor (a benign vascular lesion) is painful. Time and
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Mercury Ballistic and Orbital Chimpanzee Flights. NASA SP-3 9,
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orary Medical Fraternity, presented as guest speaker. Dr.
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perfects the art of a profession in such a way as to reduce the making of mistakes, in
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to the profession. Some are concerned only with different medical or surgical special-
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By what means shall we fortify against it Shall we expect
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Experience with the present epidemic indicates that the
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bank of the stream is the door to salvation." "Here
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week it is best to avoid curettage, if possible, since
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to the Alumni .'\ssociation. Medical College of Virginia,
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out between the middle of March and the middle of May.
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is located superliciajly so that it may be selectively divided
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structed, pain follows, which is the effect — head-
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Woolen hot packs, heated in boiling water, cent'ifuged
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The arterial supply was not involved as a good pulsation
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.K HOG, in the shape of a min, recently undertook, upon
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for 20 years, going there in 1929 after graduation from the
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the exact amount of radiation that will be required
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